Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting Back on the Horse

I think I've discovered the key to my food problems. Are you ready for this....never let myself get too hungry. Today I treated myself well. I ate completely vegan, except for my half and half. I had a Naked Fruit drink for Breakfast, salad and vegetable soup for lunch and after work snack, and another salad with macrobiotic sesame noodles. As long as I don't get too hungry, I don't crave the sweets. Walk tall and carry a clif bar. Clif bars were one of the elements of my success four years ago. I'll explain in tomorrows post.

I need to start my workouts again, but I can't seem to run or rollerblade without my pooch. Central Park is too bleak without him. He's on an activity restriction because of his recent paw problem. On Jan 11 will be back in action again. My friend is getting married in May and I need to loose 10 pounds so I can fit into the dress.

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