Thursday, January 8, 2009

Walk Tall and Carry a Clif Bar

So I am going back to the beginning. What worked before will work again. I weighed myself two days ago and I gained two pounds to weigh 182. That's dangerously close to the old Heather. I am not going there.

Today I said I would talk about Clif Bars and the importance they played in my successful weight loss. I believed they help maintain a continuous yet moderate feeling of fullness and helped maintain my metabolism. You may think I'm insane when I say it, but I lost 70 pounds by eating carbs-whole grain carbs- all the time. My lunch bag for work seem to weigh 10 pounds. (Unrefined food sits in the tummy like a brick. Undigested it's provides a good bicep work-out.) When the loss was noticiable my coworker's asked if I had a Gastic Bypass. "Nope, I just eat like I had one." 6 small meals every 3-4 hours was, for me, the plan that led me to fat loss mecca.

When I was young, I ate two things: daddy's hamburgers and mommy's meatballs.  When I was twenty I ate two things: mozzarella sticks and cheeseburgers.  At the age of 31 in the Summer of 2002, my father grilled me my last piece of steak.   Going Vegan in mind and body took about one year and once I hit my stride the pounds melted away.  

After I lost the first third my passion for rock climbing scrambled to the surface.  I took myself to New Paltz, New York for my first session of real rock climbing.  I had a blast and came away with a Clif Bar, a whole grain organic energy bar.   Back in the early 2000's energy bars tasted like a dirty floor.  Gary, the creator, reinvented the concept into an amalgam of granola and chocolate.   The bar spoke to me more than an Odwalla.  The rock climber doing an inverse on the package was the girl I wanted to be.  

I used Clif's for pre-workout, snacks, and meal replacement.  As a nurse you sometimes can't get away for a lunch.  I always had a clif bar in my pocket.   And I didn't eat the whole thing.  I'd take little bites whenever hunger would get me.  (I do believe a steady stream of food helped increase my metabolism plus hunger makes me crave things I shouldn't have. ) Even when not at work I'd always have the Clif.  Just in case.   A traditional Cliffy has 220 calories and 1o g of protein, a Luna has 180 and 9.  My favorite flavor is Chocolate Chip Cookie.  They do have trace amounts of dairy, so they are not completely vegan.   I do recommend that one not have more than one or two clifs per day they're not that high in fiber, only 3 grams per bar.  Too many may clog the plumbing.      

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