Friday, July 24, 2009

Raw Fish and Sas

A few days ago I kinda did a bad thing, but for good reasons. As a Vegan I do not eat any animal flesh as a rule. Yesterday, I was suffering some forceful female flow then became pale and tired. I hadn't had any of my normal protein foods like beans or quinoa. When I got home from work I was too tired to lift a pot and pour water. Plus, Sebastian danced at my heels begging for his ambulation. What's an anemic gal to do.

I took the beast for his walk(too fatigued to run) and hit up the nearest Sushi joint for a Sashimi appertizer (sic). I also got some eel sas(sic) and seaweed salid.(sic) I did feel better afterwards plus if I have to eat something animal I feel that raw fish is the best thing. My dietary beliefs stem from my spiritual beliefs. A human being can catch, kill and consume a fish without the use of tools. Therefore, from an anthropological perspective, humans are meant to eat the fish. On the other hand I was proud of my Vegan label, one I work hard to maintain. My desire to maintain the label convinced me to stop eating seafood in last year. I chose to eschew dairy for health reasons in January. So there I was-A Vegan. I don't wear leather or wool. I only buy shoes that say, "Man Made Materials Only."

And now because I forgot to take my iron pill-for one month. I ate some fish.

I feel bad. I feel like I let my fellow Vegans down. Soon they will come after me with carrots.

I did make a lovely Hummus this evening with Avocado and a quarter shot of Tequila. Yummy

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Covet...

As I ran tonight, this woman blazed passed me in the park. She had that slim 4-pack figure seen on every cover of Shape magazine. And I thought, "I really want that." And I knew it was not because she looked "HOT," but because I knew what that body could do. She reminded me of a gazelle from the discovery channel as she glided across the black-top. I imagined that she could climb a 5.10 big wall using just her taut abs. Her skin glowed-maybe that was the sweat-and looking at her made my 2010 Marathon resolve even stronger. The work it would take to stay in motion for 4 hours would get me that which I covet.

I was pumping hard too. I kept my heart rate above 110 for 1 hour 20 minutes and stayed in the good zone for 45 minutes. Sebastian came with me tonight. He likes to stop and smell bushes, he likes to stop and stalk squirrels, he likes to stop and take dumps. Sebastian can be annoying when I am in the zone. But I love my boy, without him I'd be eating another Boston Creme doughnut, not blogging. Without my boy, I'd still weigh 230 pounds. Without my boy the events that led me to create Fat Pants/Skinny Jeans would have never happened.

According to my heart rate monitor, I burned 1007 calories. In light of my 1/3 pound metabolic fire, I turned down 105th street to hit up the Dunkin Donuts for coffee(yup, i like java after a workout) and a munchkin. The Donut man snuck in a Boston Creme alongside my chocolate munchkin. At home, I handed the bag to my roomie who thankfully demolished the 250 calories treat. I had three chocolate munchkins after my broccoli and dandelion sandwich.

Tomorrow I will do a short form workout and make hummus.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Underside of 160

Wow. I honestly did not think it would happen. I presumed my 38 year old body reached a point of rigidity and stubbornness that I would never see 159 lbs. I am fully back in my size 10s without signs of a shiitake mushroom. A month ago I spoke about the "not thinking about concept." Yup, Just going through my day, eating the food I like and exercising, did the trip. Sure it took a bit longer, but the weight-loss will stick like sushi rice.

On the running front, I completed a 4 miler this weekend with a time of 45:36 min for a pace of 11:24. That's a full minute improvement from my last run which was a 5 miler. Though I do feel I had one more mile in me.

I happy with my progress and I know I want more. I want to go all the way. Now I am really battling the last 20 pounds.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Plugging Away

Hello friends,

I have done very well this week not thinking about it. I did have one faux paus: I stepped on the scale and I went up. I attribute this to bloat and having already eaten. I vowed not to return until my Ann Taylor size 10 petite jeans loosened. Putting those jeans back on was awesome;they make my man-thighs look smaller. And I hadn't worn them in two years. I will never lose to excess again. But I'll toss them on the top shelf when I slip size 8 Banana Republics.

Next Saturday I do my second New York City Road Runners Run, the Run for Central Park. It's my favorite place in the world, I will do anything to keep it just as it is. It's a 4 miler and I am going for 50 minutes and no stopping on the hills. To this end, I have powered myself up the hills(which are brutal in CP) giving myself the option of walking at the top. I never do. It's easy once you get to the top. So I have three more training days, Tues-Thurs with a rest on Friday. Tired thighs are the running devil's plaything. I had a great run on Sunday, pacing an 11:38. But I am really going for the 11 minute mile mark for this run and the next.

I'll keep everyone posted.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Not Thinking about it works!

So I stepped on the scale at work a few days ago.... survey says...162lbs. I am a few weeks away from seeing the underside of 160. I haven't been there in 4 years. My size 10 jeans fit and so many of my post-makeover clothes will soon be liberated from their hangers.

This weekend I am hanging with my parents, niece, and dog in Newburg(about 2 hours north of NYC) and I am getting good exercise. My parents, having battled their own bulge with Weight Watchers, eat small portions and low-fat snacks.

I guess my one concern would be that, now, since I am aware of my success, I may subconsciously go the other way. Now, through my work during the writing of this blog, I am aware of this tendency, therefore I will fight against it. Size 8 here I come....

-Happy 4th everyone!
Pic from one of my first blog entries.