Friday, April 3, 2009

Ride the Yo-Yo

Before I lost the bulk of my excess weight, I didn't not have a pair of skinny jeans. Then I lost my weight had my surgery and voila, I hung a pair of size 6's in the closet. Now four years later I have sizes 6-12 in my closet. Back in my twenties, I had size 14-24 in the closet. I'm still a yo-yo but now I playing in a different pool.

I'm sure anyone reading this has felt the utter thrill of slipping into a pair of formerly too tight pants. My confidence goes through the roof for a week. And then for some reason I start eating poorly. I eat chocolate, easter candy, and cheese. A month later, usually after my cycle, I start eating better. Rinse and Repeat.

Why do I do this. My life good enough that I don't need the momentary rush that comes for putting on a size 8.

Right now, I am falling a little. I lost three pounds from the poverty diet, but then I got paid. On the positive I am not eating cheese. I am also dealing with a herniated disk which causes constant discomfort. Exercise is against advice. I had a spinal injection today and the doctor said I'll know if it works by Sunday. If it doesn't then surgery is the answer. I wish I could get it done now, but because of my job, I'll have to wait till after summer. I also said that I wanted to loose weight. The doc said I am not overweight that it would cause a problem.

Sorry for the ramble; I just want to be skinny again. I liked it.