Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weight Loss Blogging

It works... I have been gone from the blog for 4days and my eating has suffered. Knowing that I wasn't going to have time to report my actions to my readers made it easier for me to eat the cheese. Of course it was the weekend, my social life got in the way of my eating habits. I'm back on track now. And that's about all. Still doing the same thing.
I also want to report that I won't be blogging as much because I am writing a book about an amazing time in my life. I work 40 hours a week. I want to have my proposal finished by the 1st week of March so I need to devote all of my time to that and Sebastian. I plan to, hopefully, be posting two to three times a week.

Hope everyone is well and plugging away toward their goals.


Anonymous said...

I know you're busy writing -- just wanted to pop in and say "hi" and let you know I'll be here when you get back. :) Hope your writing is going well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather -

You must be busy as your latest post was from late January.

Keep on keepin' on gal. I know about the fight with food choices. I have had a bmi, after 3 kids at the age of 40, of 13%, and right now it's probably closer to 28% at age 49. And no - it has nothing to do with a slowing metabolism. I'd like to think so, but no. It has everything to do with exercise (or the lack thereof) and things such as foods ending in "itos." You know - Tostitos, Doritos, Cheetohs, Fritos... Love that salty crunchy stuff, and I don't mean a salted celery stick.

You're a beautiful gal on the outside, and from your writings you seem beautiful on the inside as well. Good luck with the fight!!