Thursday, January 22, 2009


So things are going good. I am exercising daily plus I am eating very well: no dairy, no animal. Not sure what the numbers say; I try to stay away from the scale and focus on the clothing. I've been working all week and wearing scrubs so I am not sure about the fit of my pants. When I get all dolled-up tonight for dancing, I'll let you know.

Going out dancing can be a problem for me. I have an affinity for Jose Cuevro, but he has an affinity for my hips. Sure I work it off dancing though I'd rather my net caloric loss be put towards releasing some adipose tissue. Then there is the smoking. I like smoking when I drink, I like drinking when I dance, and I like dancing when I drink and smoke. It is what it is: I am going to smoke tonight so I just accept it.

I have an underlying depression going on. It's mild and I thought it was going to dissipate with the daily workouts. Right now, I'm still sad and frustrated with my state. I feel stagnant and trapped. More on that later.

Have a nice day everyone.

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