Monday, January 12, 2009

State of the Week Address

I have nothing to report on the greater themes of the female form or motivation or body image. Just Heather here trying to get a post up while Smallville plays in the background. I love Smallville. Anywho... Here we go.

1. Flew to Atlanta on Friday night. My best friend of 20 years is getting married in May. On Saturday we went spent a lazy morning in bed, platonic of course, then headed to a shop for a successful dress shopping experience. Flew home on Sunday afternoon for the aforementioned party. My friend lent me some clothes. I looked fab.

2.Did an overtime day at work and was on call last night. So extra cash. Go me!

3.My extra job tutoring came through. I'm excited to be helping someone pass the dreaded nursing boards.

4.Went to dinner with a friend and talked out my problems. I am writing a book about my body transformation that happened on TV. I just don't have much time to write. But she helped me put it in perspective. Sacrifice now leads to success later. I am canceling my February trip to my cousins for skiing and using the vacation time to write.

5. Ambulated Canine

6. Put together sample nursing exam for new student.

7. Blogging

8. As of Saturday I lost a pound according to my friends scale. So that's a good thing.

9. Managed to eat only 3/4 of a small cookie without entering the deep dark spiral of gluttony.

Here's to a great week...clink.

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Anonymous said...

#4 sounds like a good idea and will save $$ as well. I'm proud of you.