Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lesson the first: Love thy Dog

Meet Sebastian, my inter-species life mate and canine love of my life.

My friend and I were supposed to return to Montreal for a raucous New Years Eve Party hosted by one of his friends. We went last years and the house party ranked as one of the top two of my New Years career. I was so excited to go. I convinced my boss to give us both(we work together) New Years Eve off and Jan 2 off. I was all set to Party.

Then the person who was supposed to watch Sebastian fell through. Okay problem solved my cousin would let me use her house so I could bring the dog. No need to panic party still on. Saturday I took Seb for the hike I mentioned. Sunday he started limping. He's almost 9 years in human years so I chalked it up to arthritis. I gave him some Glucosamine and went to bed. The next morning he did not get up with me at 6am and by 430pm that night he could not stand up. He spent the whole day on the bed. He would not put pressure on the leg. 400 dollars later my pooch tested positive for lyme disease. He needs one month of antibiotics. He needs my attention. No more party.

How can I relate this to food?: Hmmm. You can't always eat the chocolate cake because your dog may need you? Be flexible? Give yourself the freedom to fall off track? Life's a journey, take a wrong turn?


FoodForThought said...
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FoodForThought said...

Great looking pup! Enjoy ringing in the new year with woman's best friend! Here's to Sebastian's speedy recovery.

Heather Waghelstein said...

Thanks for your comment FFT,

Same to you!