Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mold in the Refrigerator

My roommate should give up her acting career for antibiotic research.

Since my December travels have ended I went out to the grocery. Putting away the arugula, broccoli and sprouts, I noticed 5 Tupperware containers strewn about the fridge. My precious produce requires a clean space in order to nourish me with their goodness. I attacked.

It was gross; lentils and beans flecked with blue and green fuzz. They smelled worse than a hospital on a hot day. Dinner anyone. I forgot to take photos. Consider yourself lucky.

Today was a productive day. I met my friend for lunch. We shared a cheese plate that we made sure not to finish. I went to the Apple Store and fondled the MacBook Pro(any patrons out there). I got a manicure.(check my other site for a funny photo) And braved the Fairway on a Sunday late afternoon. The Fairway, a popular Manhattan market, should hand out a Valium along with the basket. It is insane, but they have the best prices and the best food. Aside from a Natural Market upstairs, they have fine cheeses, imported olive oils, and an amazing deli featuring delicious prepared foods.

I came home washed my veggies, made lunch, then chatted with three people at the same time. I am Supergirl.

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