Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OH PETA, you are a misguided people

First, I invite you to check out my Health Care blog entry at I am passionate about end-of-life issues.

Oh Peta. I used to be a card carrying member because I do believe Veganism is the way to go for lifelong health and weight management, but their scare tactics only alienate people. Their most recent attempt succeeded in pissing parents off.

They stood outside a McDonalds and passed out Unhappy Meals with the intention of showing consumers how a chicken nugget meal is made. I would think that people are aware of the agony animals endure before become a cheeseburger or mcnugget. Trying to convince a committed carnivore into becoming a vegetarian is like getting a catholic to renounce god.

State of the Heather report:

I am maintaining my weight at 157 pounds. I had a setback when my Herniated Disk flared-up on Saturday. I got another shot in my back yesterday and I feel much better. I wont be exercising until next week. I've also decided to have the surgery as soon as possible because I realized that my lifestyle does not lend itself to non-surgical management. I want to be running a marathon next year and shots are like a salve to the compressed nerve.

I mentioned to the my shot doctor that I wanted to loose more weight, about 20 pounds, before having the surgery. I lost 25 since the last shot. He feels it will not make a difference. He says I'm healthy now, I want to enjoy my new body now. Get it done already. So that's what I am going to do.

I have another MRI tomorrow night and an appt with my Neurosurgeon next Wednesday. My parents are ready to come for a week and take care of me. I'll keep everyone posted. Until I can really exercise I am focused on eating small portions and lots of Spinach.

I love Spinach.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wallow Baby...Wallow

My last entry I wrote about 'The Plateau' and that I could feel it starting. It's rearing it's ugly head and I am cool with it. I am allowing myself to enjoy it and eat the things I love within the boundaries of veganism: Empire Szechuan's Veggie Beef with Broccoli and Peanut Butter dumplings. Yes it's vegan, but that doesn't mean it's healthy for me. It's loaded with fat, simple carbs and oodles of yummy goodness. I had a PB+J. Twice. My only rule for myself during the week is eat only when hungry. I just made myself hungry.

Why have I decided to allow, nay enjoy, this descent into gastronomic madness? Simple, I need to relax and this is the perfect week. I weighed 157 pounds last Thursday before I left for my weekend with family. I returned by the Greyhound night bus on Monday morning and went directly to work. I was on call last night. I am exhausted. And I am a fatigue eater first and a stress eater second. So I eat. To try and force myself to comply with my self-imposed eating rules would be counter-productive. I work for the rest of the week-topping out 60 hours. With my awesome paycheck next Thursday, I will run to the farmer's market for fresh veggies.

My theory on the benefits of the allowing this natural plateau to come to fruition.

The body gets used to the same foods, exercise, mental state. Breaking my dietary habits for a while (Just a week. Only a week.) will change it's response to when I do return to my more stringent routine. Even if I gain two pounds it will pay off when I jump-start myself on Saturday. I've already lost 25 pounds, so I'm willing to gain two to maintain my mental sanity and get through the rest of the week. Diet-Blog has a great entry on how to break a plateau, which I am doing:change it up, relax, don't obsess, and change exercise. Less running and more walking. My mantra for this week-"Give the body a break."

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Plateau

Just to let everyone know that I am here and doing well. I went away for the weekend to Tremblant in Quebec. I swam, ran, and kayaked. After the weekend I took the night bus back to NYC from Montreal. (Which it itself was an experience) I arrived home at 715 and then worked all day. So I'm a little tired. My fatigue caused me to eat some chocolate-obsessively. And then I realize I am allowing myself to hit a plateau. Since I got to 157lb. So, I started wondering about that and how a plateau works and how we get there.

Anyway, this is a topic I want to explore in depth. Any comments about plateau are welcome.