Sunday, December 28, 2008

All I need to know about Food I learned...

From Skiing. Yes, you all knew that was coming.

The last day of skiing that I spoke about revealed some things in how I relate to food.

As you all know I went out early in the morning for a few runs. It was a beautiful morning. I skied blue(intermediate) runs with exceptional technique. My friend and I decided to share a lift ticket to save money so I knew I had be done by noon. I came back to the room at 10am, ate my peanut butter sandwich and felt done, felt full. We were leaving early the next day.

My friend woke up and told me I had another hour and half before he needed the ticket. I sat on the couch with the my ski-boots and ski-pants still on. Maybe I'll go out for one more run.

I realized that behavior was much like my relationship to food. Sitting on the couch was akin to stalking an oven, fork and knife in hand, waiting for another bite of perfection to fly out and onto my plate. Just as a perfect run can not be duplicated, the next bite is never as exquisite as the one that sent shivers through the tongue.

The problem with a food addicts like me is that we are always looking to warm ourselves with food. We are always trying to experience the same bliss from bite to bite.

The important step is that I recognize it.

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