Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ambition vs. Sloth: Conversations with the Self

7 AM at the Homewood Suites, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

The ambitious part of Heather's brain:
Let's go. Time to make first tracks on the hill.
The sloth that lives in Heather's brain:
We did that yesterday. Let's go back to sleep. We're just about to
ride the space shuttle.
Ambition: You've got fifteen minutes
Sloth: Blast off.

Ambition: Okay you landed on Mars. Now get up.
Sloth: So Not Happening
Ambition: Last night you we're really excited about getting on the hill--before everyone else.
Sloth: Oh, throw my words in my face...err...brain.
Ambition: Empty fresh groomed runs.
Sloth: 15 more minutes.
Ambition: If you think I'm annoying now....

Ambition: You've opened the space station on Mars, Now, WAKE UP YOU LAZY PIECE OF...oh.. you're up.
Sloth: Bathroom. The human drags herself to the television; the resort info channel indicates 0 degrees F, she climbs back in bed. I really don't want to go. I'll just sleep more and go at 9am.
Ambition: You're going to regret not going.
Sloth: When I'm sixty I'm going to regret?
Ambition: Yes
Sloth: I doubt that.
Ambition: Remember how happy you were yesterday. Skiing with the Polar Bears.
Sloth: I hate you.
Ambition: That's okay. She doesn't.

Life is a struggle. Always let ambition win.

Look at these beautiful pics I took atop a mountain at 8am. I'd go for sunrise if they'd let me.

The world belongs to me.

Dressing the Part, 0 degrees F.

Skier food-Peanut butter, strawberry jam, and a bit of nutella. Easy to carry, about the same numbers as a Power Bar and tastes great when frozen.

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