Sunday, December 28, 2008

Making the World Your own

I like people, I love Humanity but I hate crowds. Yesterday, as I was hiking during a rainy, icy and foggy day I realized that Ive always loved the things that the majority hates. Nothing makes me happier than crappy weather. Did this desire arise from a need to be alone or do I just like crappy weather?

Nobody wants to get up at 7am on vacation to ski. But I do so I can be alone as possible. Maybe it's just exercise that I like to do alone? That seems to be my pattern.

The world just looks better when quiet.

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FoodForThought said...

Does bad weather make you hungrier, as in, do you bundle up under the covers with a box of oreos (like I do?) Or are you more likely to indulge in margaritas, chips and salsa on a sunny day at an outdoor cafe?