Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How to eat on Vacation?

I don't know. I'm up in Montreal staying with my cousins. Ronna keeps a vegetarian home which is great for me. I never have to worry about what she makes. She has four children ages 2-11. In order to keep them stocked up on nutrients while sating with their picky palates she keeps the house full of multi-grain carbs and cheese. Oh yummy cheese and carbs, two of my four favourite things.

The Token Fat Girl wrote on 12/10/2008 about how we take action or inaction on our goals. She says we should ask ourselves the question, "Will this help me to reach my goals." It's seems that I act with perfect clarity when in my comfort zone. In the lunchroom at work, I am able to forgo the cookies and cake sticking with my salad and hummus. But vacation mentality prevails. Oh I'm on vacation, and I'm going skiing, I don't have to eat fruit in the morning, I can eat the bagel. No you really can't. Once a week, maybe, not for a whole week.

I shed the bulk of my excess weight using the principles of the Fit for Life lifestyle plan. (I don't believe in the D-word.) Before I left for Los Angeles four years ago, I followed a strict Vegan diet and was in best shape of my life. My resting heart rate was 44. My cholesterol was 120.

I relaxed the constraints on myself in the past four years even indulging in fish and seafood which I do believe is better for you than dairy. My waterloo is dairy. Nothing puts weight on me like dairy. I can eat 10 pound of granola so long as I don't add milk.

My problems are not a matter of not knowing what to eat, but why I eat what I shouldn't eat. I ask my self the question every time I put something in my mouth. Why don't I listen to the answer.


AGirlWorthLosing said...

Yes, me too. I know my body. I know what I should and should not eat. Maybe you don't listen because you don't like the answer, I know that is how I feel. The only thing really helping me this time is the fact that I am not cutting out any specific foods completely this time. I am just greatly reducing them, which is still hard. I miss the days where I could eat half a brick of cheese with crackers. This is such a battle, but I know we can win.

Heather Waghelstein said...

Thanks for your comment. You are so right about reducing the amounts and enjoying everything.

I have a little obsessive compulsiveness in regards to things like cheese and chocolate. If its around me I'm going to eat it.

Thanks for your support.