Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Stats Today

I am visiting my parents and sister in Florida, therefore away from my BMI scale. Anyway, I am not really a fan of weekly weigh-ins; I tend to go with how the pants fit. When I arrived in Florida my "middle of the road" jeans fit much better plus they were fresh from the laundry. Good results, but the cheese I've consumed this weekend most likely negates the juice fast. Back to square one.

Yesterday, my sister woke me at the ass-crack of dawn to walk three miles with the neighbor. I don't mind the workout, just the time. Mornings are not my friend. The sun is closer to West Palm Beach than New York City plus the sky is clear. To bright, to hot. Florida is flat and it's difficult to find dirt, just smooth pavement and manicured lawns. I jog/walk on dirt in Central Park or Riverside Park at home. The terrain varies at home as well. Not a fan of the flats. Yet to be polite, I pumped my arms and even held my sister's weights when she got tired. I woke this morning in Century Village, aka, 'The Cemetery' where my parents live. Again nary a speck of dirt nor knoll to be found. I will make it up tomorrow when I go home.

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