Monday, December 1, 2008


One more hour till I am asleep. One more hour without coffee, diet coke, and solid food. The juice fast ends when I fall into blissful slumber. And I did it. Unlike other healthful regimens I have taken on with good intentions, only to be thwarted by the smell of chocolate and cheese, this one I have completed with nary a falter. I did not leave the house for two days. I peed pink and green. I looked like a fool in the lounge slugging the blood-like substance which left devil-horns at the corners of my upper lip. After my 5 minute repast I popped on the couch for a post juice nap. Isn't live juice supposed to make you feel good?

Actually I do feel good. I am proud of my accomplishment. I did the fast to shake myself out of my ways. My problem with food is that I comfort eat and when the need for comfort is gone...I still comfort eat. I stop exercising. I return to my old ways where I feared that there would never be enough food. These last three days I proved that my favorite things-coffee with cream, cheese, chocolate would be waiting when I returned from the garden.

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