Friday, December 19, 2008

Ski In, Ski Out, and an In room Kitchen for 200 dollars a night.

The price may make some wince or you may think I have money. I don't have much money and I'm am sharing the room with my buddy, Ray. $400 for 4 nights of bliss doesn't sound so bad. Plus we stopped at the grocery before we arrived and I figured a net cost of $3.50 per meal by making it in the room. Also, I can control what I eat better.

I looove skiing, parts of me want to move to a ski area and work as a nurse in a clinic so I could ski my brains out. The other parts which want to act, write, and ride subways seem to win these conflicts. Right now it's 8:00 am and the temp is -8F. (I have skied once in that temp when I was 18 and had much more body fat). I got up early to enjoy the mountain in solitude. Yesterday at 11am the place was jumping. I think only the die-hards are out now. Gonna do it at least two runs, if only to claim, I skied with the polar bears.

Post pics when I come back.

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