Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Treat yourself well!

Yesterday-the day after the fast ended-flew by without succumbing to delights like chocolate. I wont bore readers with a bite by bite account of a day. I'll simply say I treated myself well or not well. All foods deserve to be eaten and by all people. However, some of us need moderation because we, myself included, are missing the auto-off button of the brain.

I though after my makeover my food compulsion, my food fears would disappear. As evidenced by my weightline, they didn't. Here I am again trying to get back on track. And I will. I want my body, not the uber thin one, but the one from my original mission statement: Be healthy, climb rocks, climb mountains.

When one area of my life, i.e workouts, smoking, clean room or overcheesing, spins out of control, I tend to let everything else slip. My goal is to find the balance. Chipotle does not need my business if I miss a workout. Cadbury mini-eggs arrive with Easter each year. Eating five large bags in one week is...gross...must resist. Must buy small bag...once.

Yesterday was a good day and I treated myself well. I went for a run. I ate a little cheese.

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