Friday, July 24, 2009

Raw Fish and Sas

A few days ago I kinda did a bad thing, but for good reasons. As a Vegan I do not eat any animal flesh as a rule. Yesterday, I was suffering some forceful female flow then became pale and tired. I hadn't had any of my normal protein foods like beans or quinoa. When I got home from work I was too tired to lift a pot and pour water. Plus, Sebastian danced at my heels begging for his ambulation. What's an anemic gal to do.

I took the beast for his walk(too fatigued to run) and hit up the nearest Sushi joint for a Sashimi appertizer (sic). I also got some eel sas(sic) and seaweed salid.(sic) I did feel better afterwards plus if I have to eat something animal I feel that raw fish is the best thing. My dietary beliefs stem from my spiritual beliefs. A human being can catch, kill and consume a fish without the use of tools. Therefore, from an anthropological perspective, humans are meant to eat the fish. On the other hand I was proud of my Vegan label, one I work hard to maintain. My desire to maintain the label convinced me to stop eating seafood in last year. I chose to eschew dairy for health reasons in January. So there I was-A Vegan. I don't wear leather or wool. I only buy shoes that say, "Man Made Materials Only."

And now because I forgot to take my iron pill-for one month. I ate some fish.

I feel bad. I feel like I let my fellow Vegans down. Soon they will come after me with carrots.

I did make a lovely Hummus this evening with Avocado and a quarter shot of Tequila. Yummy

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