Saturday, July 4, 2009

Not Thinking about it works!

So I stepped on the scale at work a few days ago.... survey says...162lbs. I am a few weeks away from seeing the underside of 160. I haven't been there in 4 years. My size 10 jeans fit and so many of my post-makeover clothes will soon be liberated from their hangers.

This weekend I am hanging with my parents, niece, and dog in Newburg(about 2 hours north of NYC) and I am getting good exercise. My parents, having battled their own bulge with Weight Watchers, eat small portions and low-fat snacks.

I guess my one concern would be that, now, since I am aware of my success, I may subconsciously go the other way. Now, through my work during the writing of this blog, I am aware of this tendency, therefore I will fight against it. Size 8 here I come....

-Happy 4th everyone!
Pic from one of my first blog entries.

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H.K. said...

I tend to be the same way when I start to lose weight, I subconsciously start eating as a way of "rewarding" myself. Hope you had a great time with your parents!