Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Covet...

As I ran tonight, this woman blazed passed me in the park. She had that slim 4-pack figure seen on every cover of Shape magazine. And I thought, "I really want that." And I knew it was not because she looked "HOT," but because I knew what that body could do. She reminded me of a gazelle from the discovery channel as she glided across the black-top. I imagined that she could climb a 5.10 big wall using just her taut abs. Her skin glowed-maybe that was the sweat-and looking at her made my 2010 Marathon resolve even stronger. The work it would take to stay in motion for 4 hours would get me that which I covet.

I was pumping hard too. I kept my heart rate above 110 for 1 hour 20 minutes and stayed in the good zone for 45 minutes. Sebastian came with me tonight. He likes to stop and smell bushes, he likes to stop and stalk squirrels, he likes to stop and take dumps. Sebastian can be annoying when I am in the zone. But I love my boy, without him I'd be eating another Boston Creme doughnut, not blogging. Without my boy, I'd still weigh 230 pounds. Without my boy the events that led me to create Fat Pants/Skinny Jeans would have never happened.

According to my heart rate monitor, I burned 1007 calories. In light of my 1/3 pound metabolic fire, I turned down 105th street to hit up the Dunkin Donuts for coffee(yup, i like java after a workout) and a munchkin. The Donut man snuck in a Boston Creme alongside my chocolate munchkin. At home, I handed the bag to my roomie who thankfully demolished the 250 calories treat. I had three chocolate munchkins after my broccoli and dandelion sandwich.

Tomorrow I will do a short form workout and make hummus.

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Anonymous said...

I hear dunkin donuts has the best coffee by far... even over starbucks. I really need to go try it!