Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Smartest Woman I know

My co-worker, E, bit into a Dulce de Leche Girl Scout Cookie. I did the same. We both found the cookie to be bland in the middle plus too sweet at the top. I for some reason sunk my teeth into the over processed cookie, as if my initial assessment lacked the power of all my taste buds.

E. walked over to the garbage and tossed in the remaining portion. "It's not very good, I'm going to throw it out." Brilliant woman. She's got a healthy figure, size 4.

Remember the food critic from the movie Ratatouille. His mantra, "I love food,so, if I don't love it, I don't swallow."

Good Advice! But how can this be practical, especially on the poverty diet and many people don't want to waste food. Also, this idea is in direct contrast to the 'eat to live' philosophy. But I get the idea: love food and appreciate it's beauty. Eat to feed your palate, not your stomach or soul.


H.K. said...

You're right, your friend is very smart! After reading your post, I was thinking of the lunch I was eating, it tasted funny. But, I kept eating it!

I love the quote at the end of your post. Another favorite quote is "Eat to Live. Not Live to Eat."
Wise words.

Heather Waghelstein said...

Thanks H.K.
Yes I believe in the 'eat to live' philosophy which is a contrast to the idea of savoring your food. Everyone has to find there own way. That's the most imp message.