Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quinoa Casserole--The Poverty Diet's Healthy Friend

When I embarked on the Poverty Diet, I knew I'd have find a healthier alternative to white carbs like pasta and bread. Since becoming a vegetarian 6 years ago, I used Quinoa in my diet, but it's preparation scared me and I witnessed many diasters. It would come out too soggy or too hard. The art of cooking anciet grains escaped me. Until one day last year, out of boredom, or maybe a wish to really screw up so I'd forever purchase ready made Quinoa at Whole Foods, I boiled the germ in butternut squash soup. Wowsa! I am a culinary genuis. I've since used Veggie Broth, Mushroom soup, and tomato broth. Last night, I hit up the Garden of Eden Grocery on Broadway with 5 dollars credit and 8 dollars cash. Here is my creation:

Ingredients:(My brain numbs when faced with numbers and measuring so I eyeball it! And I'm only hurting myself, and my roommate, if I mess up.)

Kidney beans
portabella mushroom
red pepper
garlic(only fresh, anything less is sacrilige to the muse of spices)
red chile flakes
1 cup Quinoa
2 cups water, or broth of your choosing.

Boil the liquid and Quinoa-when it reaches a boil, cover and simmer. In the saucepan heat olive oil, garlic, onion. When it starts to brown, in stages, add the zuccini, red pepper, portabella, and spinach. The veggies with the lowest water take longest and don't lose their flavor and texture when cooked. When the Quinoa has absorbed the water the veggies should be done. Add them to the pot with the beans, mix then spice to taste. I put the broccoli in last because I like it crunchy.

Loaded with protein and I made enough for six servings at a cost of 10 dollars.

Picture to follow when I get home.

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