Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Never thought I'd ever say...Can I do a lap instead.

Boot Camp Report Day 2

We did a military run in which the leader sets the pace, then the last person sprints to the front and becomes the leader. Rotate through so that everyone gets to lead and we make it around the great lawn with "No Man left behind." My group ran a 4:45, 15 seconds shy of our goal. Sergeant Stacy asked if we wanted to go around again or do 25 squat thrusts. Someone said squat thrusts.

I will describe the Squat Thrust, a new form of torment thrust upon me by Sergeant Stacy. I bend over, into a squat, place my hand on either side of my feet then shoot them behind me into a plank position. I then jump them forward, returning to the squat and standing up. Bend, Thrust, Repeat, and hope to contain the gaseous remnants of my pre-workout beans. Then some people showed up late. 25 more squat thrusts for all of us. Arggh! I think I understand how hazing happens.

Throughout our hour of squatting, and all it's forms, I questioned my dedication to the task. After my pickled arms could not support my legs, I rested. But, I thought, is this really the limit or can I squeeze out one more squat. I'd only rest for seconds then move forward. As I write this, I wonder, have I always pushed myself to my limits?

I know I have in skiing and snowboarding. What about rock climbing, or even Physical Therapy. I should have good abs after PT, but today I fought for every Jackhammer. Two weeks ago, I gave up on an overhang move on a the rock, knowing there was no way. My arms had not yet reached the jelly stage, but somehow I knew it was futile to keep trying. That's not my normal m.o. Hmmm things for me to ponder.

I ended the hour doing monkey crawls, another hideous exercise for the arms and legs. I was the last one to finish. I asked the assistant if I could do a lap instead. He said no?

Today's Positives:
I can lunge without tipping over? The aforementioned assistant told me to imagine pushing myself into the ground. And it worked. I did 45 push ups, 10 standard, 35 girl. And still took the dog out for a minor jog when I got home.

Thanks for all the support, Everyone. Have a wonderful evening.

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Anonymous said...

IF you think the squat thrusts are bad try a burpee! The hardest form of which includes a push up (when you're in plank position), and then a jump from a squatting position instead of just standing up at the end.

I could barely make it through one set of 10 reps of these (and I was supposed to do 3 sets!)