Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I thought I was in Shape....

But then I took a Boot Camp Class, which as I sort of expected proved to me how little strength I have. My arms are jelly right now, and I want to hit my bed, but am determined to blog. On the upside I was one of the top 10 runners.

Some backstory, then a picture.
Sorry about my two month absence. Once I figured out that I really was a food addict and discovered my trigger foods I was actually afraid to blog about my progress. I worried I might have gone in a spiral again. On April 1 I chose to become, for the last time,a vegan. I was always a vegetarian but would weave in and out of dairy consumption as my desires did. I would loose weight when I omitted the cheese and chocolate, but then once I got to a nice place I'd consume again. Once I realized my pattern and embraced the emotional reasons for my yo-yo behavior, I made that choice to never eat an animal based food. I see now, that, for me, dairy consumption coats me in a layer of fat. I cannot control myself.

So I have made progress. In January I weighed 182 at the doctor. This morning I weighed 165. I am about one week of sit-ups, crunches, and squats from my size 10 Ann Taylor Jeans. The poverty diet gave me a good jump start. On April 1st it hit me that I was one month away from my best friend's wedding. And I too was going to walk down the aisle and stand with her. My dress(she let us choose our own, black being the only requirement, she rocks) I wore one year ago at 165 pounds. I started jogging every day and, I admit, cut back on my portions for some rapid weight loss-about 10 pounds in that month. Now I am a bit more relaxed about it.

I eat about six times per day. No big meals, all vegan, mostly raw, and only fruit in the morning. This is what works for me. I can still have fake cheese and fake meat, which I love, and carob or dark cocoa to satisfy my inner chocoholic. I swear I am only a B cup. This dress lovingly lifts and shapes the boobs.

Now I have my fitness goals which led me to Stacy's Bootcamp. Today was the first day. We start with a 10 minute jog. Then the mega-fit Stacy orders us to get down and do sit-up, for a minute--OH MY-then push-ups, then crunches, then laps, sprints. You get the idea. I needed to shake up my routine. And the best part, it's all in Central Park, my favorite place in the world.

On another happy note-I had injections in my back for my Herniated Disk, did my Physiotherapy, lost weight and now I have no pain. And likely I will not need surgery if I get back down to 140.

So that's all for now. Here I am with "Weird Al" at 180. My face holds a lot of Weight.


Anonymous said...

I asked Weird Al after a concert in 2007 if he'd be willing to pose for a photo with me when I weigh less than he does. He looked a little puzzled and said, "Does this mean I need to gain some weight?"

Uh, no, Al, I'm wanting things to go completely in the other direction.

But I'm closer to that pic now than I was when I asked him. And he's probably touring next summer (2010) so who knows, that might be my chance. Because where there's a Weird Al concert, there's at least a chance for a meet & greet.

And WHY does the word verification thingy want me to type "butwords?" I dunno, but I guess I'll do it.

H.K. said...

Welcome back! It's good to hear that you found out about your food triggers & congrats on the wt.loss, you look great in your picture!

fatty McButter Pants said...

You look GREAT!

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Yay - that's a great pic of you at the wedding and you look great in black. Actually my ideal goal would be 140 - almost 15 pounds less than I am now. I'm trying your diet, but it's really hard.

Love that you resurrected the Weird Al pic - hope we can meet him next year and both look fab! :)